Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pike Market!

So Ry and I went back over to Seattle. Let's face it... we can't stay away from the market very long ;-) Here are more pictures from our outing. We also ate at a great restaurant which I will post on next!

Gone Fishin'

Well we drove to Portland to pick up our awesome kayaks... and here is a taste of our first trip!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So while we were at the market, we asked one of the vendors for a great place to eat near the market that had AMAZING food. He suggested Etta's. Let me tell you this place was great and we will definitely head back there when we are on that side of the water again.

It was a chilly morning so we started off with some hot cocoa. 

Ryan tries the clam chowder everywhere he goes.

Ryan got the Etta's "rub with love" coho salmon. It was tasty but the spices didn't let the salmon shine through as the star of the dish.

I ordered the dungeness crab eggs benedict. It was the winner of the meal