Friday, December 3, 2010

Bonaire 2010

So I went with my dad to the beautiful island of Bonaire. It is a dutch island off the coast of Venezuela(near Aruba). These were our adventure above and below water.

The Beautiful View
The Island Chickens
Lion Fish
Black Seahorse
Little Turtle

All of the pictures

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Discus Fish

So we are done buying fish! Thanks to some nice birthday gift certificates to a hatchery, we took a trip to Jersey and returned with more fish!

So here's the whole tank....
From Fish

Here are the ones we alreayd had:

Fire Red Discus
From Fish

Blue Diamond Discus
From Fish

Red Scribble Discus
From Fish

Blue Scribble Discus
From Fish

And the new pets are....

Red Dragon Discus
From Fish

Bulldog Red Leopard Discus
From Fish

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Fish Tank

Here's a cool slide show of our new fish tank and fish! The different types are discus, albino bushy nose placeo, albino tetras, and a few neons.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

BBC Week 2

Week 2 Prompt: In the book Theo talks about how he's scared to have kids and doesn't ever want to have any. Do you feel his feeling are valid?

As always, what are your feelings about the book this week?

I think his feelings are valid. I sometimes feel that people are worried about their family history when it comes to having kids. I am not sure if he is really justified with this disease(not reading enough research), but I know that parents can be carriers for other syndromes, and issues that could bring concerns in having children.

I have an idea where the book is going and it is great so far... In fact as soon as I am done writing this I am going back to reading my next 100 pgs.

Side note: talked to my dad and he said that my sister did end up going quiet at a point in her childhood after she babbled a great deal. He also said that he was not a fan of the pediatrician that she had so they switched before having me. Also he said if it's shots that did this to her, then he wished for a shot to bring her back to "normal." There are lots of times I just wish she would "wake up." My dad works so hard to help her and I just want him to not have to worry about her anymore... Ok enough rambling :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Club Week 1 House Rules

Week 1 Prompt: What are your thought on the vaccination/autism link? If you are a parent, did it make you do things differently with your child (no right or wrong answers here! This is not a debate forum). If you aren't a parent, if you were to have children would this new found research change how you would go about getting your child vaccinated?

Also, as always, what do you think of the book?

My answers:
I think that there needs to be a greater deal of research when it comes to the link between vaccinations and autism. I tried to get in touch with my dad to see how my sister was before she had her vaccinations, but no such luck this week... maybe next. My sister has Aspergers and is very high functioning. I guess I always wonder what would have happened if they knew more at that time. If I have kids I will be very careful when it comes to paying attention to when and what is going in my kids body. I am careful about what goes in my body now, but until there is further research and studies conducted, most people will trust the doctors completely. Doctors are not always out for the best interest of the patient. Some will prescribe certain drugs for kickbacks, and give the normal rounds of what other doctors have done in the past. It is just the easy thing to do.

As for the book it took me a few chapters to get used to the hopping around, but I am hooked on the book as of now. I don't know if Emma realizes how much Theo is neglected when she just tosses aside the Wii game, and then blanks on dinner after Jacob came home from Jess'. I think I know where things are headed already. We shall see if my theories are correct as of next week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kodah Updates

Since it has been so cold out here Kodah has been a little trapped in the house... but when the windchill is above 0 degrees it is a great day to go to a beach with the pup! The sad thing is up here dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer so we have to get all of our beach running out in the winter time! Here are a few pics from recent trips.

Beautiful Sunrise

Sitting Pretty for Mommy

Ryan threw a pine cone and this is him about to pounce on it... hahaha

Just chillin on the beach

Daddy thought it was a good idea to dig a hole

Well it got bigger....

And Bigger still

Him tired after all of that work...

Just kidding! Time to go run off some energy!

Crazy Kite Surfer in a dry suit

Kodah loves playing catch with dad

Oh and if there are birds to be chased you bet he will do that too!

just a few more pics of the happy pup :-)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Devil's Hopyard

Ok! Today Ry and I hiked around Devil's Hopyard and got a few pictures testing out the camera completely... I even took a little spill on the rocks... don't worry the camera is fine ;-) I am clumsy :-P

So here is a picture of the new baby :-)

Oh yea had to take a pic of this sign... hillarious when we came into the grounds