Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here are a few shots from the Canada trip. I will add more when I get the CD with the rest of them from Wendy in Cincy. :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

So when I went on my adventures in Canada, I decided to take the Navy pup that Ry had gotten for me on my birthday one year. That way I had a piece of him up there with me. So the first slide show is the adventures that I took him on........

THEN he got abducted by people that shall remain nameless.... (I am sure you can guess) and went on other adventures... so that is the second slide show.

It was all in great fun. When I get more time I will post more pictures! Much love to the family on the trip and those in Cincy :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back in International Falls!

So I made it back to the hotel tonight... and now I have about 24 hours till I am home. The trip went well and we caught lots of fish! Pictures will follow since I cannot seem to make them upload directly from my camera on the hotel computer. It will be great to get back to CT and a regular schedule.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Off into the great outdoors!

So today is the beginning of the family trip in Candada. I flew into International Falls, MN last night and have been waiting for the arrival of the family! They are making the fun drive from the Nati and they are only 30 min. away! This is going to be a fun trip... fishing, lounging, relaxing... everything I want for a vacation :-) I already finished two books and have started on my third. This should be a fun week! Below are some pics of the lake as well as a map of the lake. This is the short drive that I have to make today :-) Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The many faces of Kodah!

Well over the last few days I feel as if Kodah has been getting expressive! Here are some moments I have caught! A handful is one way to describe him! :-)

I want it now!


Mom I swear I'm nice!

Why are you in there?


I wanna come in!

See my tonuge

I didn't do it!

The latest passion flower

So here are some pictures of a beautiful passion flower that is in the Jungle Room! This was one of the ones Ry got before he left. It had buds on it for a week or so before I even noticed! That just shows how full my hands are with the pup! It only bloomed for about 6 hrs. When I got back from work it was gone, thank god for cameras! Enjoy :-)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello hello! I have been super busy since I have been back in CT! Work has been helping me pass my time as well as the pup! He is getting so big. Kodah went to the vet and has all of his shots... and weighs over 40 lbs now! He has also lost 4 of his baby teeth! They grow up so fast! :-) Below are some pics I took today before it rained... I was going to take him to the park but that will have to wait. His training is going well, but the puppy in him is still nipping. When I get back from Canada I will be taking him to training classes which will hopefully solve that problem! I heard from Ry today which made me sooooooo happy! He said that he had some rough seas one time and got a little sick but I expected that. :-) He said that he got anxious and opened up some cards early and they made his day. I am so glad he waited this long! I figured he would open his cards waaaaaaay early... That just means that I need to send him LOTS more cards to open early :-) I love and miss him so much but friends and family are helping this deployment be a little easier.