Monday, July 25, 2011

U.S. Sand Castle Open Championship

I went to Imperial Beach for the US Sand Castle Competition. There were $21,000 worth of prizes for teams to win. Below are some of my favorites from the day

The opening banner for the Beach... this one was high enough that it didn't get washed away with the tide...

The Cracken

Another view of the Cracken

The Octopus Beauty Salon

A Monopoly Board

A 2nd Monopoly Board

Angry Bird Castle

Busy busy busy beach!

Foster Farms Imposter sculpture:

Recieved 3rd Place

2nd Place: 30 Years in Space for NASA

1st Place: Support the Troops

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Charley's First Reds Game!

I can't miss an opportunity to take pictures at the Reds game when I can, so I brought my good equipment to the game

My other family in Cincinnati! The midget and her parents... oh and baby Charley!!!

This was while we were waiting for the fireworks show to start! I think Baby Charley and I made it on ESPN while we were dancin in the stands! I know we made it on the jumbotron atleast!! :-)

There is no doubting this is her mother! They look so much alike :-)

The fireworks show that was extended for the holiday weekend!! Ended up being like a half hour which Charley slept right through!

The ladies after the game on our way out! It was such a fun night and can't wait for my Midget to come back to the west coast!!!!

The Basement Project

Well, Karen needed more storage in the basement for bins, so as usual, my dad over engineers things so they can hold a lot of weight... see the picture below ;-) Emily decided this is her friends new bunk room so she can have big sleepovers in my dad's house

Amy & Davie's Wedding!

So Ry's best friend Davie got married over the 4th of July weekend! Here are a few pictures of the events of the night!

See Ry's parents brought him there in a little locket so he was at the ceremony for his buddy :-)

The very appropriate cake topper :-)

Cut your slice of cake... or rather pick ur poison...

Amy was nice and picked a small piece... NOT DAVIE! All over her face!

Going out to the fields for sunset

While the bride and groom enjoyed their time in the field, Jenny and I decieded to check out the horses... I am suprised she didn't actually jump the fence... She threatened to quite a few times

She settled with feeing them grass although the signs all around us said don't feed the horses! Oops!

The Groom's Parents :-)

Me with the guests of honor... Check out his tux selections... it was perfect!