Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Shelley Seiber!

So yesterday was the successful wedding. The night before the wedding our rehersal dinner was at the reds game. The first pitch of the game was thrown by one of the team for Extreme Home Makeover. The show from West Chester will air sometime in Sept. to my knowledge. We all had a blast at the game, then the next day was a long and fun day! All of us girls got our hair done in the morning, lunch at Shel's parents, then off to Ault Park for pictures. It was so hot in the limo and outside I do not know how the guys dealt with that. Anyways, the ceremony was fun, and then a night of dancing and fun followed! Congrats Shelley and Will!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Trip Home! 1

So this week, I am at home for my best friend's wedding. I am the MATRON of honor therefore I threw a pretty sweet bachelorette party on a Tuesday so she could have time to recover for the wedding. :-) I had to leave my pup in CT which made me sad, but Ry's aunt and uncle were the ones taking care of him so I felt a lot better :-D Also Ry's mom is up there helping out and visiting her sister. So the first few things are fun things he was doing in CT... He went to cousin Maggie's soccer game and had some fun. Also he went in the pool :-) Meanwhile Shel and I had massages and then back to my dad's house for some sweet food and drink to start the night off. After that a bizarre game of bowling where my ball stopped in the lane completely... really weird! Lastly off to $2 pint night at Fox and Hound for embarrassing bachelorette games :-) It has been a pretty good last few days.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just another day!

So we went out and about today to get a few errands done while I was feeling well, and Ry's mom and I came home our passion flower bloomed! So there are a few pics one of it starting and the other of it fully open. Also we were in a funny mood so we took a pic of Kodah in Ry's sailor hat... By the end of the day the dog was so tired he crashed in Chris' luggage bag in the extra bedroom! So sweet. Tonight is dinner with the ladies at Koto... then tomorrow I drive my pup to his aunt's house for the week! Should be an eventful weekend. Oh the last thing was something our crafty president made for us boat ladies that brightened my day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ry's mom and I went from the airport in Hartford to the Salmon River to let Kodah exercise after a long trip in the car and he met a buddy along the way that introduced him to water! They had a blast and we will be heading back to the river after we get some free time. He is a water dog... now he just needs to learn how to swim instead of just romp around :-)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I am excited today since it's a day that my husband gets one of his calender dates! I couldn't remember any of the other dates that I got for him but I remember that I won this date in the raffle. :-) It just means that he gets a little bit of home to have with him, and I am excited about that. I sent some letters with him, and hopefully he will incrementally open them, but I know that can be hard to do. For the next few weeks I feel like I am going to be running at 100 mph. My best friend is getting married July 18th and I still have to create the speech! :-O I am really bad at public speaking so I am kinda nervous and I really don't know how many people will be there so it's kind of intimidating. I am also doing the bachelorette party planning, and trying to see as many people as I can when I come back to cincy. I have no idea how many people I will end up getting to see but I am going to do my best to visit everyone! I am so excited that Ry's aunt will be able to watch my furbaby while I am home so I know he is in great hands. Chris, Ry's mom will be headed up here this sunday to see the furbaby and her sis so I am excited for that :-) Other than that nothing else is really going on.