Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello hello! I have been super busy since I have been back in CT! Work has been helping me pass my time as well as the pup! He is getting so big. Kodah went to the vet and has all of his shots... and weighs over 40 lbs now! He has also lost 4 of his baby teeth! They grow up so fast! :-) Below are some pics I took today before it rained... I was going to take him to the park but that will have to wait. His training is going well, but the puppy in him is still nipping. When I get back from Canada I will be taking him to training classes which will hopefully solve that problem! I heard from Ry today which made me sooooooo happy! He said that he had some rough seas one time and got a little sick but I expected that. :-) He said that he got anxious and opened up some cards early and they made his day. I am so glad he waited this long! I figured he would open his cards waaaaaaay early... That just means that I need to send him LOTS more cards to open early :-) I love and miss him so much but friends and family are helping this deployment be a little easier.

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