Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun!

What did I do for Labor Day? I started the day off great by getting a phone call from Ry! :-) He is safe and sound so it allowed me to have a great day! I planned on going for a hike today with Kodah... Then the slip and slide came into play! Kim and Landon (my neighbors) and I have wanted to do a slip and slide all summer! Brad and Duman being the people with initiative decided today was the day... So we went and got plastic, Kim had the pool... and it was set! Below is how the day ended up turning out.

Landon was so happy the slip and slide was getting set up!

First trip down the slide!

Duman crashing down the slip and slide

Face first!

My turn!

Sit and slide!

Brad head first!

It's fun! :-)

Landon giving mommy advice on how to go down the hill

Kim's turn!

Landon chasing Brad

Duman was dirty so Landon cleaned him off


Another not so great idea....

The end of the not so great idea!

Just a fun day!

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