Monday, October 6, 2008


So I have not taken many pics lately... I have been pretty busy with doing a total house cleaning. After having the pups over here it reaks havock on the house and now I finally have time to do cleaning. I have been out and about looking for an accient chair for the living room since I think it is necessary for some extra seating. Hopefully I find something easily! I am excited since my parents are coming into town this upcoming weekend. It should be a great time. :-) I am also meeting my cousin that lives in MA that I haven't seen since I was around 10. I will update pics when I get a chance to take some good ones... I will bring the camera to the puppy park today! I have been talking to Ryan consistantly for the last few days and it just makes everything better. We are going to start looking for another vehicle, as well as take a honeymoon when he gets back! I am so excited... now the question is where? A cruise to the carribean (10 days) or a trip to Belize (7 days)? Both are viable options I just don't know which one and neither does he! Help!?!

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