Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kodah and his big day!

So I was on the way home from the dog park with Kodah and I heard him howl for the first time. Ry and I have tried playing other inuit howls to get him to do it... us howling with him... taken advice from other owners that have had their pups howl but no such luck! The fire trucks went past us and he howled at those :-) I found a video online and got him to howl to it. Here are two of my attempts


kkrowan said...

I love it! He's so cute. Of all the things to make him howl. Lol.

ummmm the word thing that I have to type below is

~His~ said...

not gonna lie rusty came to see...i'm glad he wasn't there i don't know what he would have done lol