Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kodah Updates

Since it has been so cold out here Kodah has been a little trapped in the house... but when the windchill is above 0 degrees it is a great day to go to a beach with the pup! The sad thing is up here dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer so we have to get all of our beach running out in the winter time! Here are a few pics from recent trips.

Beautiful Sunrise

Sitting Pretty for Mommy

Ryan threw a pine cone and this is him about to pounce on it... hahaha

Just chillin on the beach

Daddy thought it was a good idea to dig a hole

Well it got bigger....

And Bigger still

Him tired after all of that work...

Just kidding! Time to go run off some energy!

Crazy Kite Surfer in a dry suit

Kodah loves playing catch with dad

Oh and if there are birds to be chased you bet he will do that too!

just a few more pics of the happy pup :-)

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~His~ said...

I love your action pics!

Can't wait to see your premiere this weekend;)