Monday, June 20, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Well a great couple of people happened to come to the SD area because of his brother's wedding, but the best part was they invaded my house and forced me to do fun things like.... FISHING!!!! So here's what went on :-)

We went on the Sea Adventure II... there were only about 20 anglers on board 

The awesome cook giving a briefing about how the night and day was going to go....

So the boat stopped in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and shined a HUGE spotlight on the water and attracted THOUSANDS of squid. We would use a squid rig (pictured below) and snag squid up to 4 at a time. Then another boat in the fleet pulled up beside ours and shined their spotlight also. Then they netted hundreds of live squid at a time... it was crazy

The rig had a bunch of spikes that the squid would get snagged on

The one yellowtail that was boated (40ish lbs)... I should have taken a picture of this kid trying to fit the fish in a regular cooler... it was just too short and didn't happen...

Stacy's lingcod... she also got a tree fish. She caught a few others that the deckhands lost at the railing and that stunk. But he was tasty

My sculpin. They have spiny and dangerous spikes that are poisonous. Without the spikes they are yummy and taste similar to lobster because that's what they eat all the time.

Cory got a sheepshead and 2sculpin

Check out those vicious teeth!

Stacy and I

Cory and Stacy

The crew missing our one member that is always with us in heart...

Dolphins playing at the front of the boat

It was really neat. Glad I did this with our good friends :-)

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