Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Trip Home! 1

So this week, I am at home for my best friend's wedding. I am the MATRON of honor therefore I threw a pretty sweet bachelorette party on a Tuesday so she could have time to recover for the wedding. :-) I had to leave my pup in CT which made me sad, but Ry's aunt and uncle were the ones taking care of him so I felt a lot better :-D Also Ry's mom is up there helping out and visiting her sister. So the first few things are fun things he was doing in CT... He went to cousin Maggie's soccer game and had some fun. Also he went in the pool :-) Meanwhile Shel and I had massages and then back to my dad's house for some sweet food and drink to start the night off. After that a bizarre game of bowling where my ball stopped in the lane completely... really weird! Lastly off to $2 pint night at Fox and Hound for embarrassing bachelorette games :-) It has been a pretty good last few days.

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