Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I am excited today since it's a day that my husband gets one of his calender dates! I couldn't remember any of the other dates that I got for him but I remember that I won this date in the raffle. :-) It just means that he gets a little bit of home to have with him, and I am excited about that. I sent some letters with him, and hopefully he will incrementally open them, but I know that can be hard to do. For the next few weeks I feel like I am going to be running at 100 mph. My best friend is getting married July 18th and I still have to create the speech! :-O I am really bad at public speaking so I am kinda nervous and I really don't know how many people will be there so it's kind of intimidating. I am also doing the bachelorette party planning, and trying to see as many people as I can when I come back to cincy. I have no idea how many people I will end up getting to see but I am going to do my best to visit everyone! I am so excited that Ry's aunt will be able to watch my furbaby while I am home so I know he is in great hands. Chris, Ry's mom will be headed up here this sunday to see the furbaby and her sis so I am excited for that :-) Other than that nothing else is really going on.

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