Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amy & Davie's Wedding!

So Ry's best friend Davie got married over the 4th of July weekend! Here are a few pictures of the events of the night!

See Ry's parents brought him there in a little locket so he was at the ceremony for his buddy :-)

The very appropriate cake topper :-)

Cut your slice of cake... or rather pick ur poison...

Amy was nice and picked a small piece... NOT DAVIE! All over her face!

Going out to the fields for sunset

While the bride and groom enjoyed their time in the field, Jenny and I decieded to check out the horses... I am suprised she didn't actually jump the fence... She threatened to quite a few times

She settled with feeing them grass although the signs all around us said don't feed the horses! Oops!

The Groom's Parents :-)

Me with the guests of honor... Check out his tux selections... it was perfect!

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