Sunday, July 10, 2011

Charley's First Reds Game!

I can't miss an opportunity to take pictures at the Reds game when I can, so I brought my good equipment to the game

My other family in Cincinnati! The midget and her parents... oh and baby Charley!!!

This was while we were waiting for the fireworks show to start! I think Baby Charley and I made it on ESPN while we were dancin in the stands! I know we made it on the jumbotron atleast!! :-)

There is no doubting this is her mother! They look so much alike :-)

The fireworks show that was extended for the holiday weekend!! Ended up being like a half hour which Charley slept right through!

The ladies after the game on our way out! It was such a fun night and can't wait for my Midget to come back to the west coast!!!!

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