Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Italy

I went to the weekend market in Little Italy and it was amazing. Tons of food, vendors, fresh veggies and fruit. I loved it! I will be back next weekend because I saw some reasonable prices for starts of some spices that I wanted. Here was what I took home.
 Flavored salts. Ok, my dad would call me crazy, but I have used some of the kinds I got in my cooking and it was awesome. I can't wait to use more of them.
 Yes this sauce is absolutely Bitchin'. It is so tasty and there are many flavors. It's also not that bad for you either. Check out Bitchin' Sauce
 There were tons of people that grow their own flowers there, and this was from a family flower farm. They were very helpful in making sure that we understood the care that was necessary to make their flowers last a long time. 
Well this didn't make it home :-) It was a crepe filled with mushroom, egg, spinach, chedder cheese and was topped with a red pepper sauce and avacado. Totally awesome and will stop by their restraunt in the future.

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