Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo Safari

I took a class around the San Diego area and we shot all over the place. The safari went for me from 9 in the morning until about 7 at night. It was a long day but I got to see great areas of San Diego I haven't seen before.

La Jolla Cove area

Class assignment get both of the subjects(person with camera and cross) and the shot and make it interesting. I took the paparazzi approach ;-) You can see the real one in the slide show at the bottom.

Impromptu pet photography session

Artsy shot of the Mt. Soladad Memorial with the flag in the background. Patriotic. If ya notice I found Ronald Reagan out of all the memorials on the wall.

San Diego Skyline in the day 

Action photography at Pacific Beach. Get your subject clear and the background blurry. Not bad for the first try.

This was after everyone but the teacher and I went out. I wanted more shots.

Surfs Up

I love this!

And here are all of the shots from the day that I liked... I selected these out of 384 images :-)

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