Sunday, May 29, 2011

Topsy Turvey!

So my dad called me today with a great idea to do vertical gardening for veggies and herbs. It requires the stuff below:
5 pots decreasing in size starting at 14"+ 14" saucer, 2 cu. ft. of potting soil, metal tomato stake, seeds for each level

In the bottom pot place rocks for draining. Make sure you put the pot where you eventually want your garden to grow because it will get heavy!

Add the stake to the center of the pot and fill with dirt around it. Then place the next pot on that pot slightly tilted. Fill with rocks, then soil and repeat.

Make sure your next pot is tilted in the next direction. Continue this until you get to the top pot.

When you reach there you can cut or leave the stake. I cut mine so it would be below the surface of the top pot.

If you choose to do the slight tilt this is what it looks like. I called my dad after sending him a pic and he said it wasn't tilted enough. In order to get it that way you need to have the top 3 pots sitting on the pot below it and not in the dirt of the pot below it.

Finished product! Planted seeds now waiting for it to sprout!

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