Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Flower Fields

So today I went on an outting to Carlsbad, CA where The Flower Fields are. So there are about 50 acres of the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers planted here every year. It basically sends a huge rainbow of color through the fields and are beautiful to photograph in. Today they were offering a macro photography class so I chose to go. When I think of a class, I think of them giving different instructions on how to shoot, different displays of how to get the "perfect picture," Q & A and things of that nature. Well, this "class" was more of a you need to have one of these three lenses... oh and you NEED a ring flash... and you NEED this... and that.  Oh yea and you shouldn't shoot in auto AND you should use a tripod. THAT WAS IT. 10 min. See those tents? That's where it was and most people couldn't hear him because they used a boom box for the mic system.
So I said OK and went to the north 40 to shoot away from the well over 2,000 people that showed up. They had beautiful flowers, I will post a few of my favorites, and the rest I will put in a slide show at the bottom.

So after shooting I went and looked around at everything else going on at the flower show. It was hillarioius to people watch. I couldn't help but snap a guy modeling in the open area with a giant red mohawk

Overall this place is great for kids. They have a maze out of sweet pea flowers and tons of activities and vendors for all. But I would recommend going on a weekday. The flower fields are only open till the beginning of May so go enjoy the beauty while it lasts!

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