Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Reds!!

So the Cincinnati Reds came to play the Padres... and I wanted to go so bad! All but one game was a night game, so I decided that if I couldn't find anyone to go with, I would feel safer going to a game by myself in the afternoon. Well all the people I knew in San Diego were all busy with prior obligations so I thought I was stuck. I called my buddy Shelley on a whim that she might want to call out sick, and drive from Vegas to here and see our Reds! It just so happened that she was off of work. She packed up the car and headed out here. It was a great day with Shel, and I can't wait to go to Vegas soon for her baby shower!!!

 Go Redlegs!!
 Pregger Shel
 Shel's "boyfriend" at bat

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